Melody Storey

Melody Storey


Melody Storey has been in Mortgage Banking and a Real Estate Broker since 1995. She started her career in Mortgage Banking and decided to make the move to Real Estate in 2003. Melody started as a residential agent and was Rookie of the Year her first year. In 2009 she found her way into the management side where she helped build top teams in Oklahoma and Arkansas. In 2017 Melody was introduced to Commercial Real Estate and Property Management and knew she found her place. She often says that had she gotten into Commercial Real Estate from the start, she would never have looked back.

Melody has managed over 2 million sq.ft. at one time in the Tulsa and surrounding areas. These properties include downtown high rises, large shopping centers and industrial properties. Her current focus is identifying the current changing needs of the retail and office markets and working with owners to pivot and provide the spaces tenants are seeking. Identifying changes and working out a strategy is one of Melody’s specialties.

Melody is part of the team of professionals at Bauer & Associates that has a proven record and years of experience in and around the Tulsa markets. The Bauer team has a history of turning problem properties into income producing assets, where the tenants and owners are happy and committed to long term relationships. Maximizing returns and providing worry free management is a primary focus for Bauer & Associates.

The Bauer & Associates team is a group of qualified professionals that can manage and market any type of commercial, industrial or investment property. With our years of experience, Bauer & Associates, Realtors has a proven track record of being performers. In numerous instances we have been able to turn problem properties into good producing investments for our property owners. With our creative and innovative marketing skills plus our management knowledge, we are able to maximize our owners’ returns on the properties we manage and lease.